Dreaming on the Barricades

Each step a journey,
a pilgrimage uptown
a journey
through a universe
of misunderstanding.
Each step
a journey
a meditation
a pilgrimage
not to India
not to Jerusalem,
a journey
through streets
to subway
to meadow
as the buildings
turn to liquid
and dolphins
swim north
towards sounds
of chanting and drums.
Each step
a meditation,
a showing of intention
without space
without time,
each word
not for the ear
but to penetrate
to reawaken
each cell, each organ
to a new communion
of bodies and mind.

The moon draws
and we follow
the path
to the place where
it was
born, first carved
and floated
into the sky.
A string of light
shines into
my eyes pulling
me up, while
the glow
that surrounds it
gently presses
my shoulders
to the ground.
and uplifted,
we follow, with
each step sacred,
each step the first
each step the last,
to the crater
that remains, filled
with water
and reflections,
a small island
of land
paying homage to its origins.
We approach
in a state of
restful excitement,
each step
sloping, pressing,
eyes never
leaving the
to the wooden bridge
that brings
us to the center
of that island.
As the moon
withdraws, set in darkness
we stand in a circle
dancing a sacred
to the goddess.

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