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World Unity Week 2024

Dancing the Dream

World UNITY Week 2024: Dancing the Dream was a beautiful, global, cocreative symphony. Uniting production teams across three continents and with content from every corner of the world, the 5th annual World UNITY Week provided opportunities for us to learn new dances together, as we enter a most critical phase of our collective world mission. 

A chorus of voices from the Kogi Mamos1 to the United Nations2, are telling us clearly that this year 2024 into next year 2025 are absolutely crucial for us to turn the planet around and avoid worldwide climate catastrophes and other massive system breakdowns.

As such we, the global grassroots groups representing peace/unity/regeneration/wholeness together with larger civil society NGOs must now unite to exert “pressure from below”, with sincere hope that enlightened leaders of global institutions will meet us by exerting “pressure from above”. To this extent we all need to become something larger, to emerge as a global connected body of real influence, we need to learn new dance steps, in record time for a bright new global dance. It is a dance of deep healing, of remembrance and ultimately, it’s the dance of a new creation. 

We are now in the flow of the 99 Days of Peace through Unity leading us to Peace Day 2024 – and the UNITE 4 PEACE Global Broadcast & Activation. 

World UNITY Week 2024 had so many highlights featuring global youth leaders, Co-Creation Circles, women leaders rising up together, the incredible work of Goi Peace Foundation and Meeting the Dreaming, a uniquely Australian ancient story.

You can catch all the broadcasts here 

Join us in Japan in September: Video  


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