Flags of One Family on Earth

This is the time in Humanity’s History to make visible to Everyone the fact that we are all one Family on Earth.

The Flags of One Family (aka Wings of the Heart) are here to be that reminder.

Their many colors, sizes and flexibilities when flying together are a symbol of the harmony that can be consciously cultivated in all people on Earth.

They are made by people to be integrated into events & celebrations around the world, creating truly unifying experiences.

This global initiative belongs to everyone! To get your inspiration and connect, visit flagsofonefamily.org  


The original vision came to Linda DeHart in 1984 after seeing photos of the Earth from outer space, and asking, “How as an artist can I help give picture to the fact that we are one Human Family on Earth?”

Holding this knowing, one day an inner voice said “Wings of the Heart: A Celebration in the Making” while seeing people all over the world, including all of our differences, carrying these flags!

Throughout the decades, Wings of the Heart have made their way around the world carried by those dedicated to bringing people together, the PeaceBuilders of our times.

Flying together, they became a unifying symbol, as a goal towards unity and ultimately a living celebration of this vision.


Our experience of global interconnectedness became ever more clear in 2020, when the COVID-19 virus compounded by the Climate Crisis gave rise to the unquestionable need to work together as One Human Family on Earth.

The proliferation of the Wings of the Heart happens by people gathering to make the flags, create inspirational videos, and integrate them into their projects, thus becoming an activity modeling how we can work together for the good of the whole.

By sharing videos of even a few “Wings” flying together connected to a mission of Unity, we can be reminded of our innate human capacity to create beautiful harmony, uplifting our spirits. Visit flagsofonefamily.org to learn more about this vision and how to explore ways that together we can create this pathway to peace and one world consciousness.

In order for the Flags of One Family to effectively reach the many organizations who would benefit incorporating this beautiful symbol, we are looking for a global organization to take on the stewardship this vision.

Flags of One Family symbolize all people belonging to our Planet consciously working together ~ for the good of the whole Earth.

Contact: flagsofonefamily@gmail.com

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