LOVE More…FearLess

“The more you are motivated by Love, the more fearless and free your action will be.” ~ Dalai Lama

We are all navigating through a new terrain in life and fear has been even more present in our lives. This invites us to look at where we are making our choices and decisions from. Love or Fear? It is more important now than ever to connect to our hearts and listen to our inner wisdom that wants to guide us. Love, the energy of expansion, is here to show us how to know what choices are right for us.

We have been given this beautiful opportunity to take “time out” for some “time in” and establish an even more intimate relationship with our higher self that is always directing us for our highest good. This is an opportunity to live from “Love” and above ( Harmony, Peace & Joy) in every area of our lives. Love is the energy of expansion and always feels uplifting, joyful, and exciting. Fear is the energy of constriction and it feels heavy, anxious, and chaotic. We can discern which energy is pulling us if we have a deeper understating of ourselves and awareness of what’s steering us.

One of the most important spiritual practices to engage in is meditation. Take some time each day to meditate (quiet your mind and open your heart). You can do this first thing in the morning as you are just waking or you can go on a silent walk and let yourself feel your connection to your heart. This is an essential practice in building this relationship with you and your higher self (God/Love). Keep opening your heart more every day as you listen for all the ways you can Be more of your true self and give from Love, Kindness & Compassion in all the ways you are shown.

The guidance that comes from your higher self will always make you feel better, more alive and your nervous system is your greatest barometer to let you know you’re on the right track. As you start paying attention to how you’re feeling, you will know which voice is guiding you and you can then adjust your thinking accordingly. Let your knowing heart instruct your thinking mind which path to take, it will always feel better.

Then as you are asked to share your thoughts and beliefs about what is happening in the world, let your knowing heart share its voice from a place of Love. This truly is an act of Love for yourself, your loved ones and the world as you come to Be the presence of Love more and more everyday.

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