World Unity in a Time of Crisis

Our world is deeply fractured and breaking ever more apart. The pandemic has put incredible pressure across all systems and threatened the global economy. Personal disagreements about vaccinations and government lockdowns became the most divisive issue I have ever experienced. Families, spiritual communities, every possible cell of society has been challenged to breaking point, with fiercely held divergent beliefs ripping groups apart.

This, superimposed upon the multiple environmental crises many of which are beyond the breaking point. Global warming, species extinction, polluted seas with rising levels, to name but a few, and no action-based consensus on any real solutions in sight.

And then comes war.

I know so many people right now who are suffering, anxious, depressed, uncertain and fearful. And this is hardly strange, – it’s as if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are let loose upon the Earth, and we’re living through some kind of end-times.

What are we to make of this, what are we to do? In particular, how are we, the global inter-spiritual community, to respond? How are we, the worldwide community working for peace, unity, harmony, healing and ecological vitality to react to this prophetic multi-layered movement? Faced with death and despair, how does this global community bonded by life-affirming values answer the call?

The answer to these questions will define us.

Pressed into action, many have responded to the immediate humanitarian need with heroism, courage and compassion. Projects along the Ukrainian border, bringing aid and comfort to the refugees, have inspired and brought hope. In the broader context, our collective work for “unity” and “peace”, which includes so many individuals, groups and networks has entered another, even more critical phase. As we build up together to World UNITY Week III (June 18-25,2022), the urgency to further advance the cause of genuine unity has never been greater. Only together, united, have we any hope to rise to the moment. The emergence of the UNITY and PEACE Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders is another example of this emerging space, a trans-organizational effort where something new is being born out of the ruins of what is passing away.

Everything we have done until now, has been essential training. Now is the time of our true mobilization, to do the hard work of organizing and leading a grass-roots global movement, towards true world unity. It is the work of a great many exceptional individuals and amazing organizations and communities. This year in 2022, in fulfilling the vision of Avon Mattison, we are building towards Peace Week 2022, September 17-24. Avon, the cofounder of Pathways to Peace, passed away in October 2021, and before she left she laid out so beautifully her vision of Peace through Unity. This magnificent divine vision is the essence of “diversity in unity”. It is the very antithesis of the military-nationalistic notion of “peace through strength” which in one form or another has defined the last few bloody centuries of human history. Peace through Unity is our work, it must be our global catch cry as we advance this mission together, uncertain of the immediate road ahead and yet entirely confident in the rightness of our cause.

There is great courage in the human spirit, boundless genius in the human mind, and sacrificial love does live in the human heart. We have everything we need to advance, to reorganize, to rise to this moment and the next, to discover and to propagate the global solutions to the global challenges we face. Unity is the key. We must find a way to come together, heal divisions of both the heart and mind and be about the Great Work of ushering in this New Dispensation in Earth history.

This emerging new age must be defined by a shared commitment to universal values, to truth, goodness and beauty. It is to be predicated upon a common understanding of the interrelatedness of everything, a shared affirmation of the dignity of all life and a grand invitation to co-steward the planet for all life and future generations.

We are teetering on the brink. This war represents a tipping point, will we disintegrate further or can the global community, with life-affirming values, seize the moment with skill and daring and turn the course of history? The answers will define us and they will define this planet’s future.

Let us be about it, together for a more beautiful reality for one and for all.

The World UNITY Week March Assembly is March 23rd at 5pm EDT. See more https://fb.me/e/2Axy4Ovl4

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