That Nagasaki Be the Last Use of a Nuclear Weapon

That nuclear weapons never be used again, Oh God, bless and guide us.

To eliminate these devices, the apex of creative evil, and all devices of massive indiscriminate death, please guide us Each of us came into this world responding to our mother’s love Each came seeking family and love

Each of us became identified with nation, race, gender, religion, and forgot we are one human family and every person is as precious as we are. Still, in the stillness in our hearts remains a light of the soul, seeking, resonating and longing for that love that brought us here into this world.

That love awakens and informs our universal humanity and awakens hearts without borders.

Intelligence has given us insights into the wondrous secrets of matter, energy, space and time. Fear, ignorance, arrogance, pride, hatred and prejudice have led us to use these insights to create devices of incomprehensible power to inflict indescribable horrific suffering.

Please, Dear Lord of All, Creator of every life, every heartbeat, every moment, every leaf, blade of grass, every one of us, and universes and galaxies beyond counting, Glorious Source of Love and Life, forgive us for forgetting You and Your blessings.

Friend within all friendship, Love within all loves, Life within all lives, witness of all and everything, bless us with the wisdom that comes from compassion such that we will skillfully eliminate these devices of death and use the gift of intelligence to serve to heal, sustain, harmonize, understand, and glorify You, our humanity, and honor Your creation.

To end the suffering of poverty, to protect nature, to love one another, remove the ignorance from our hearts Grant us hearts of gratitude, courage, and love such that we will not falter in bringing peace, justice, beauty, and unity to Your human family.

Help us eliminate these devices of death and the motives from which we create them.

Please guide us in beautiful ways of peace such that we can be witnesses of Your Goodness. Guide us with compassion, kindness and love that we might become fully human. All praises are Yours. Amen

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