Making Our Love Tangible for the Wellness of the World: During the 11 Days of Unity and All Year Long!   

Do you hear the call? Deep in our hearts, the pulse of life unites us, the rhythm of creation reminds us from within that we are, quite literally, One. With each heartbeat, the waters of the world flow through us, bringing us into activated awareness of our ever-interconnected alignment with all. These strong and steady waves of living love awaken within us the regenerative potency of luminous positivity. We come together now to envision and embody a world in unity.

This past year, our global human family has learned acute lessons about our interconnectedness. In the midst of a pandemic where our daily decisions can support the wellness of each other, or endanger countless lives, we have been invited to remember ourselves whole- one with each other and the living Earth. This poignant awareness has brought us into presence with our deepest heart, attuned our intuition and invited us to bring forth innovative solutions for the challenges of these times.

We are offered an unprecedented opportunity to actualize ‘We Consciousness’ more and more fully, cognizant of our connection and co-creative power. We step into our personal potency, activating our unique talents, inspiration and abilities. In this heightened state, we unite with each other, moving deeper into the resonant field of co-creation where we pour forth in our collective genius and the innovative brilliance of community action. Connecting with the living Earth, we find we are living Earth arising to heal itself, our self, our One.

This accelerated growth of consciousness, community and solutionary action is exactly what we needed to face and move through the climate crisis as a global community. We feel the fullness of our love and bring it into fruition with dedication, innovation, and caring. In this space of living love, we enter the realm of emergence together, where our power is amplified by our unity. Here we can enact feats of huge transformation, the massive, perhaps miraculous, global shift that this pivotal moment calls for.

Listen, the pulse of love calls each of us into action. It’s an invitation and an invocation of our personal and collective potency. It sings for us to serve the wellbeing of the whole- to care for the people and the planet. From the details and decisions in our daily lives to a global changemaking convergence, we move as One to actualize a thriving future for all. This flourishing future arises first within our hearts. It springs brightly into form as the rising impulse of caring. Bountifully replenished in a fountain of hope and healing, we take meaningful, impactful action.

Do you feel it, becoming clearer with each heartbeat, calling you into action? The impetus itself is nourishing as it catalyzes us to come forward in the change-making that is unique to our path and purpose. We take action to feed those in need, to care for the vulnerable, protect the waters of the world, restore the environment, to shake off the systems of oppression and emerge anew together. We choose to live in the oneness of love and co-create an equitable, just and sustainable world that reflects the beauty of the unity shining within us all.

Now is the time for us to make our love tangible. We bring our love into action, birthing kindness in every breath, aligning ourselves with the wellness of the world. Do you hear the call? What is the change your heart invokes for you to create in the world?

Join us September 19th as part of the 11 Days of Unity for the Eco-conscious Music Alliance’s EMA Global Action Concert. The event features inspiring music, speakers and a dynamic Community Action Meeting on zoom with community sustainability projects from around the world. Whether you have an established changemaking project or the first spark of inspiration for one, EMA is here to help. EMA provides training, local and global connections and ongoing support. This is a unique new opportunity to bring local projects into a global community co-creation space. In this heart-centered community, innovation for high-impact action is emerging with well-nourished momentum. “Uniting In Music and Arising In Action” the EMA is channeling the uplifting energy of music into positive change in the world we all share. Register: www.EMA.earth.


Lisa Pavati is a transformational co-creator, catalyzing positive change for the wellness of the world. She is the creator of Trauma-Informed Change-Making Design, a system applied across diverse sectors such as activism, media messaging, education, social entrepreneurialism and Nonprofit. Lisa is the Founder of The Sustainable Living Guide and The Eco-conscious Music Alliance, international organizations helping grow a thriving world for all. The Sustainable Living (https://sustainablelivingguide.org/) is an innovative eco-hub featuring online classes with authors and experts for regenerative sustainabilitypersonal, community and planetary. The organization also offers innovative climate action, youth and children’s programs, funds Community Sustainability Projects and collaborates with partners across the globe. The Eco-conscious Music Alliance (https://www.ema.earth/) is mobilizing the power of music to grow local sustainability through action hubs and diverse mutual aid projects. EMA’s monthly Global Action Concerts showcase inspiring musicians and help our global community to “Unite in Music and Arise in Action”.


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