The Peace On Earth Tour

How One Woman Set Out To Make A Difference

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I heard the message from my higher self to leave my comfort zone, my “cave” that I was dwelling in safely tucked away in Florida, I felt a quaking of my human body. My brain could come up with all kinds of legitimate excuses for me to not do what my spirit was laying out as a game plan for what was to take place.

This journey has been years in the making. For a long time I have been feeling the nudge, hearing the whispering of angel messages, and every time I would ask about timing it was “not yet.” In September 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, I heard the call that it was time to get up off the chair and move forward. I went forth as I do many times – kicking and arguing with my guides. I actually said out loud “do you know that there is a pandemic and this is really NOT a good time to travel?!” Everything in our world seemed totally out of control. However, the angels assured me that I was safe and that I was hearing the message clearly. Every sign pointed to readying myself for leaving.

I had lived in Florida most of my life, and in the same apartment for five years. Within a month, everything I had accumulated over the last five years was either sold, given away or packed up to go with me on the trip. Doors opened miraculously for a smooth transition out of the apartment and on to a solo journey of blind faith. One of those miracles was the purchase of a new car which would hold all my worldly possessions. Yes, the angels bought themselves a vehicle and I knew that each mile I drove was divinely guided under their loving protection.

Fast forward to today on the cusp of one year later. There have been thirteen land blessings done in ten states and two virtual land blessings. A land blessing involves placing a crystal in the ground and asking for it to connect energetically throughout the land of the state as well as connecting to the prior land blessing and the next one that will take place. This underground connection of energy is a grid of communication where peace is the main focus. The ceremony done includes prayers of peace and words spoken to bless the land, all its inhabitants, nature and waterways.

The Angelmobile has gone over 22,000 miles, from coast to coast and north to south. Lives have been changed along the way. I have emerged from this time stronger in my faith, more honored than ever to be of service in this way, and blessed beyond measure at the outpouring of love and support coming from so many beautiful souls. This is not a journey I am taking alone, although I am physically alone. It is called OUR Journey of Healing, Peace On Earth Tour because everywhere I go, each moment of the day, I feel the presence of my soul family right beside me. I merely represent the collective group and am always acutely aware of that responsibility. We are on a mission. It is a mission of spreading more love, joy and peace on earth. The reports coming in from the places where the land blessings were done are so full of hope and miracles. When someone asks when it will end, when the journey will be done, the only reply that makes sense is “it will never end.” I am committed to spending the rest of my days on this beautiful planet living each moment in the pursuit of this amazing dream of peace on Earth. Every day my mantra (and anyone who wishes to commit to it as well) is “We declare that there is peace on earth, and we declare that it begins inside of us.”

Please help us spread the message of peace on earth. Share the link to this website with others you know and love:

If you would like to schedule a land blessing in your area, please email Teri Angel is the Peace Campaign Coordinator for We, The World

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