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Peace in Ukraine

We're All On The Battlefield Now

We are at another global turning point as the war in Ukraine is uniting the world in unprecedented ways. The high-level of social media use in Ukraine has led to a battle for online likes and shares that is shaping the views of people all around the world — and their governments.

Many dramatic moments, nearly all recorded by citizens with phones, are influencing outcomes. Public outcry has translated into policy change. Western countries have unified like never before. Companies are also paying attention to public opinion and stopping doing business with Russia. Thomas Friedman referred to this as “World War Wired” in “We Have Never Been Here Before”.

Russian soldiers are experiencing low morale and heavy casualties with many not knowing they were going to Ukraine to fight. Watch Russian soldiers shares their experience: https://youtu.be/dhhFgb1GcvE

In Russia, there is an NGO, Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia that is being inundated with calls. In peacetime, the group usually stands up for the rights of soldiers but now its efforts are completely focused on the war in Ukraine.

We are moved by President Zelinskyy’s call to the mothers of Russian soldiers to have them stop fighting and offering to return the captured soldiers to their mothers who come to get them.


Mykhailo Fedorov, the youngest member of Zelenskyy’s cabinet, is leading the charge and offering novel war tactics and a new playbook for how social media, cryptocurrency, and other digital tools can be used in war times.

The Ukraine Defense Ministry has opened a hotline and email address for Russian parents to find out if their sons have been killed or captured and started a campaign: “Come back alive from Ukraine.”

It’s not clear what will stop Putin armed with nuclear weapons. His past behavior suggests that he won’t quit and will continue to target civilians while destroying the country, imagine Syria. It’s going to take NATO, or the people of Ukraine and/or Russia and/or the Planet to convince Putin to end his “special military operation” and avoid a nuclear war and bring peace to Ukraine.

What Can We Do?

This unique moment and situation offers each of us an opportunity to up our personal and collective game to create “Peace in Ukraine.” These superpowers are learning to deal with super-empowered citizens and this new global battlefield that connects us all.

We are organizing to write a “tale of synergy” that connects and empowers the people creating the resources, events and activities focused on Peace in Ukraine. We are collaborating to create a Trello Board of collective resources.

Take a look and join the board here: https://trello.com/b/jeceslEI/collective-resources

The media we are making together is pro-social media – it is made by us and for us. It is not motivated by profit, it is guided by love and compassion. You can learn more about the Tales of Synergy from the Magic Canoe here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10KEwBSPmsPa7DN4MAAY72-84_mn0upHlXMiM4ewnoWA/edit

If you need help reach out to me at jon@compassiongames.org

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