Upgrading Thoughtware On Your Way To Archearchy

by Clinton Callahan

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This is a guide to valuable thoughtware upgrades on your way to next culture – archearchy – the culture that naturally emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course. Archearchy is the culture of archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men. Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware is what prolongs the cultures which are exterminating life on Earth. Upgrading your thoughtware empowers you to create and inhabit Gaia-regenerating cultures, accomplishing very new results.

Conferences and workshops try to provide pathways for creating new results.

But where do new RESULTS actually come from? New results can only come from new behavior. Did you ever think you could get new results without making new behavior? This is funny, isn’t it? The mind can understand concepts that have no relationship to reality. If you do not catch the mind at such tricks, how will you ever find your way out of them? We live in a responsible Universe. ‘Responsibility’ is consciousness in action. What this means is that every behavior – or avoidance of behavior – has consequences. Consequences only change when behavior changes.

But where does new or changed BEHAVIOR come from? New behavior comes from making new decisions about what you do in each moment. Problem: Most of your decisions are unconscious. For example, you react a certain way and don’t know why, but your Reaction is still a decision, an unconscious decision. Preparing yourself for Adulthood Initiatory Processes includes making more and more of your Decisions conscious. For example, scratching each particular itch on your nose is a decision because you can decide to NOT scratch that particular itch, forever. Prove that. This would be an Experiment you could do. No one can experiment for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from Experimenting.

But where do new DECISIONS come from? New decisions come from having new options to choose from. For example, if you are not aware of an option, how can you choose it? Here is another Experiment: You are probably reading this article alone, and right-side-up. It does not take much practice to read things upside-down just as quickly as you read them right-side-up. If you create this option for yourself through practicing reading upside-down, then you and someone else could be reading this article at the same time, one right-side-up, and one upside-down. Suddenly, ‘Parallel Reading’ would become a new option that you would have to choose from for the rest of your life.

But where do new OPTIONS come from? New options come from new thoughtware. Thoughtware is what you use to think with. In school you are given what to think about, names, dates, information, how things work like numbers and language, biology and physics. But you began school already knowing how to think. Where did you get your thoughtware? From your parents before attending school. Where did they get their thoughtware? From their parents before they attended school. This means most of your thoughtware has been passed on from generation to generation for many thousands of years… uninspected. You are using very old thoughtware… Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.). Just because you are using a particular brand of thoughtware does not mean this is the only thoughtware you could be using. Upgraded thoughtware is available.

But where does new THOUGHTWARE come from? It comes from shifting into new context. Context is the source of clarity into which you anchor your Point Of Origin. Your context establishes your relationship to consciousness and responsibility. Context then delivers the distinctions out of which you assemble your thoughtware and thus the rules-of-engagement of the Gameworlds you live in. Your worldview originates in the distinctions of your context.

For example, modern culture’s context is made out of distinctions such as: games are won through I win you lose competition; the Earth belongs to human beings which are the highest of God’s creations; time is money; money has value; you need money to live; nature has no value unless money changes hands; it is possible to use money to buy and own land and resources; it is possible to be an absentee owner; responsibility is a burden and a punishment; success comes from avoiding responsibility by externalizing costs and doing whatever it takes to climb hierarchical structures; there are the haves and the have-nots; if you are the 99% of have-nots and you give your authority away to systems and laws made by the 1% have, then you can have the illusion of ‘security’ as long as you pay for it; there are three bad feelings (anger, sadness, and fear) and one good feeling: happiness – but you can’t be happy while you are alive so forget about your feelings and do whatever it takes to stay numb; other people cannot be trusted; and finally, the Golden Rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules.

If you shift to a different CONTEXT, you get new DISTINCTIONS that establish new THOUGHTWARE giving you new OPTIONS to choose from to enact new BEHAVIORS that create new RESULTS. This is the power of detecting and being able to shift into new CONTEXT.

Some workshops promise that learning a new method will produce new results, but who you are is your context in action, not a method duplicator. Did you ever notice that even if you understand and desire to use the new method, unless you go through Liquid States that are powerful enough to change context and thoughtware, you won’t even remember to apply the method?

If you ask the question, “When a child makes a mess, who cleans it up?” the answer is, “The adults.”

Modern culture is making horrendous unconscionable messes with no intention at all of ever cleaning them up.

Modern culture is a child-level-responsibility culture. Uninitiated adolescents are given power even at the highest levels in the hierarchies. Since modern culture bans authentic adulthood initiations, adulthood is forbidden.

If you seek adulthood, where are your adult role models? The politicians? The businessmen? School teachers? Priests? Bankers? No, these are uninitiated adolescents at the head of hierarchies guarded by police carrying pepper spray and 9mm semi-automatic Glock pistols.

It can help you to stand in Radical Responsibility when you personally research and discover that the Rule of Law of the capitalist patriarchal empire has lost its legitimacy because it kills life on Earth at the fastest possible rate, leading us directly to global ecocide. Anyone obeying modern culture’s Rule of Law is criminally insane. Anyone enforcing modern culture’s Rule of Law has already forfeited their life.

This leaves you the option of either complaining loudly to a system designed to oppress complainers, or, as Buckminster Fuller suggested, build new Gaian Gameworlds that make the existing Gameworlds irrelevant. (Don’t be left behind playing in a stupid Gameworld.)

Complaining forces you to petition external authority as a Victim, hoping to manipulate them into rescuing you. This is Low Drama.

Building and inhabiting a new Gameworld is High Drama. High Drama starts with you taking Radical Responsibility for the Values of every Gameworld that you play in, then choosing to stay in a Gameworld, or get out of it.

In Radical Responsibility it becomes irrefutably clear that you are responsible for the level of responsibility being taken, because irresponsibility is an illusion. It is impossible to be a Victim. There is no such thing as ‘a problem’ until you call it ‘a problem’. Everything is neutral and meaningless until you make up and apply a story and force yourself to believe that the circumstances have the meaning you just gave them.

Taking Radical Responsibility automatically cuts you loose from the restraints of existing systems because it includes taking Radical Responsibility for ‘growing up’ so you no longer project your ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ onto authority figures. Instead you stand in your own Authority. Adulthood initiatory processes may be tough, but imagine the reward: gaining the capacity to create and shift into Gameworlds or Nanonations that thrive in the culture you would love to live in.

You have a worldview, but you are not your worldview. Your worldview is your unique but temporary interface between your Being and the world. For the first eighteen years of your life it acts like a 360-degree filter, selecting everything you can perceive and everything you can express. It is a dead machine that you assembled out of assumptions, beliefs, habits, conclusions, opinions, old decisions, interpretations, meanings, expectations, rules, customs, and traditional ways of seeing things. You surround yourself with the many parts of your worldview like a cocoon, defending what you ‘know’ in your worldview from the vast unknown out there. Your worldview could also be called your ‘mindset’, your ‘belief system’, your ‘psychology’, your ‘ego’, your ‘defense strategy’, your ‘personality’, your ‘comfort zone’, or your ‘identity’. To simplify things, let us call it your ‘Box’.

What is the purpose of your Box? Survival. Pure and simple. Your Box is your Survival Strategy.

Survival is a noble purpose, because who else should take care of you? But the defensive purpose of your Survival Strategy is only valid until you have built enough energetic matrix to hold enough consciousness to take responsible care of yourself independent of your Box’s habits. That ‘change of guard’ would generally occur by the time you are eighteen years old. At that point your five-body system longs for an intelligent shock, a magnificent series of concocted events that would cause you to crack out of your Survival Strategy to enter the world where you can unfold and stretch your wings, and start living full out. Life as a ‘free-and-natural-adult’ is very different from merely surviving in the conceptual prison you built for yourself in childhood. But the patriarchal empire banished authentic adulthood initiatory processes at its outset. This is because hierarchical authority structures carry a built-in design flaw.

The way a hierarchy works is that whoever does ‘whatever it takes’ to ‘climb the ladder’ gets the top positions. The design flaw is that the people most capable of doing ‘whatever it takes’ to get power are psychopathic, that is, they lack conscience due to a disconnect between the mind and the heart. This disconnect is detectable in a CAT scan (see references in: Beware The Psychopath My Son by Clinton Callahan).

For example, it is clear that Barack Obama communicates from his big heart to win over people’s trust, but his heart has no connection to his decisions and actions. If the President was not psychopathic he could never have sent off record numbers of assassination drones, sell thousands of depleted-uranium-tipped ‘Bunker Buster’ bombs to Israelis, promote fracking and tar sands, spend billions on war and weapons while ignoring global warming and the potential for human evolution.

It isn’t that ‘power corrupts’ so much as corrupt people seek power. Initiations were banned by the patriarchy because initiations detect psychopaths. When authentic adulthood initiations are valued at the Center of the culture (the way modern culture values money…) psychopathic personalities are detected and prevented from ever having positions of power in society. Without authentic adulthood initiatory processes as a central pillar of culture, global hierarchies have been hijacked by psychopaths who have no intention at all of ever giving those positions back.

This explains why no amount of good-will and collaboration among the world’s peoples leads to necessary changes in policy. Modern culture cannot be fixed. It is functioning perfectly well, doing what it is designed to do.

You are not your Box, but you have a Box. When you notice that this is also true for everyone else, then you will never have a conflict again, because it is not you that has the conflict. Your Box has the conflict. And your Box does not have the conflict with the other person. Your Box has the conflict with the other person’s Box. If you live in the distinction that you have a Box but you are not your Box, and neither are they their Box, then your Box can be totally freaking out about someone else’s Box while you relax in nurturing Being-to-Being communion with them.

Boxes come in layers: You and your partner together have a partnership Box. Your family has a Box. Your neighborhood has a Box. Your company has a Box. Your religion has a Box. Your country has a Box. Your continent has a Box. Even planet Earth has a Box. The aliens say, “Oh, those Earthlings, they certainly are opinionated, aren’t they?”

There are eighteen standard Box designs, but no Box can take responsibility. Only a Being can take responsibility.

The distinction between you and your Box creates a Gap that gives your Being freedom of movement from your Box. What a breath of fresh air that is!

What is in that Gap between your Box and your Being? Nothing. What is possible in that Gap? Everything. Adult and archetypal initiatory processes train-up capacities in you for productively navigating the nothingness in the Gap between your Being and your Box. This is where High Level Fun begins.

Each Box is actively guarded by a Gremlin, the king or queen of each person’s Underworld. Gremlins feed on Low Dramas (the Victim / Persecutor / Rescuer cycle discovered by Dr. Stephen Karpman) which your Gremlin can whip up in no time between him and any other Gremlin using very little evidence.

Gremlin is not bad, wrong, or stupid, but he does get hungry, and unless you learn to feed him consciously, he feeds himself by serving Shadow Principles like revenge, superiority, being right, intrigue, being betrayed, deception, manipulation, etc. When you make your Gremlin’s purposes conscious (through the Hidden Purpose Process – a grueling four-hour Archetypal Underworld Hero’s Journey delivered in Possibility Labs) you have found a jewel of clarity that redeems your Underworld. Your clarity gives you the opportunity to detect Gremlin’s purpose before he implements it. Then suddenly you have the choice of implementing Gremlin’s purposes or not. This is a choice worth working for.

Until you do the work of distinguishing and refining your clarity about your Gremlin’s shadow purposes, those purposes run your life unawares. How many people do you know whose unconscious Gremlin eats the intimacy between them and their partner, children, neighbors, colleagues, you?

Imagine trying to co-create an ecovillage with people who have not yet distinguished and distilled their Gremlin’s Shadow Principles, keeping it consciously at the tip of their tongue so they can use the clarity to navigate and choose the actions they take? What do you plan to do about your own Gremlin?

As you climb out the top of the alternative culture development silo in which you may have been hacking reality in private for decades, and you look around, you may be surprised by two things.

First: Even with all your successful efforts in your own specialty, the world is not saved yet because you have been working in a ‘silo’ and hardly anybody knows about or can use what you have created.

Second: Many of the pieces of the puzzle you could not get together have been gotten together by others – for example by Artabana’s self-organized solidary health community, or Ecosystem Restoration Camp’s global restoration community, or Torus Technology’s circular meeting / conflict transformation / decision-making tools, or Savory Global’s regenerative grasslands management, or Possibility Management’s regenerative culture thoughtware – but you did not realize this because your head was down focusing in your own silo.

When you look around and see how much of next culture is already up and running, you realize that ‘where we go next with this’ is: synergizing togetherness. Togetherness platforms are in development as we speak (e.g. Slack, Zoom, Weavr).

Western culture’s lawyer-Gremlin-enriching copyright laws do not imitate nature’s generosity with Thoughtware Upgrades. In nature, if something is copied, it is mutually enriching. In modern culture’s copyright law, if you copy something, a copyright lawyer hunts you down and takes everything you own and keeps half for himself.

Next culture offers a question about this. Instead of trying to trademark and copyright a process that you can train others to deliver so you can derive a residual income, become ‘wealthy’, and finally go do what you really want to do, what if you just go do what you really want to do? This may destroy the isolation of your silo, but may better get you to where you truly want to go.

Next culture – archearchy – thrives on ‘copyleft’. What you create feeds the creative commons. Then the whole creative commons feeds you.

Ever since you learned to speak, and especially if you went to school, you were hammered into a verbal reality where words dominate your life. You were taught to believe that there are words for everything which is ‘important and real’, and that once you have a name for something you can stop experiencing it. If you adopt modern culture’s programming, which you must at least to some degree in order to get through school, then your intellectual body (your mind) becomes oversized and distorted in comparison to your physical body’s development, leaving your emotional, energetic, and archetypal bodies sadly crippled from disuse. Uninitiated, cut off from most of your intelligence and energy resources, you are then weak and confused enough to serve as a production worker, a consumer, and a soldier in the patriarchal empire.

The path of recovering your inner resources and preparing for adulthood initiations may begin for you by reclaiming Experiential Reality in your daily life. Experiential reality is where wordless, nameless experience comes first, and only if necessary do you apply a word or a name when you decide to communicate something about your experience. In this case, you use words like artist’s tools, remaining in experiential reality while assembling word-combinations to make a bridge over which your experience can cross to another person’s five bodies until they too have the experience you are sharing.

Why expand from verbal reality to experiential reality? Here are two reasons: First, women’s biggest complaint about men is that men are numb, stuck in their heads, and do not experience their experience. Men often try to understand experiences and name them in their minds, disconnecting from the sensual. But relationship is an ongoing act of nonlinear creating, involving intimacies in all five bodies, making it inherently sensual. Relationships do not die from a lack of love. They die from a lack of five-body sensual intimacies.

Second, draw a cube that represents the sum total of everything that you have a word for. Then draw a cube that represents the sum total of all that there is in the Universe. Which cube is bigger? Getting direct access to the resources in the bigger cube involves escaping from verbal reality and entering experiential reality.

If you think that you are done learning because you finished school, you may be mistaken. The path of serving as a midwife to next culture – archearchy – asks you to trust and integrate ongoing feedback and coaching from your Possibility Team to make step after step in Rapid Learning: Beep! Shift! Go!

Modern school instructs you to use ‘Defensive Learning’, that is, to build a single large knowledge-continent out of progressively more complex components. For example, first you learn the alphabet, then to read and write words, then sentences and paragraphs, and finally poetry, articles, filmscripts, project proposals, and constitutions for Nanonations. If something comes along that does not fit somewhere into your current knowledge-continent, that thing remains either invisible to you, or is discarded as not worth knowing. How much of what is actually happening around you do you miss?

Before you went to school you used ‘Expansive Learning’ where it was completely okay to build an entire archipelago of ‘knowledge-continents’ both large and small, completely disconnected from and perhaps even contradictory to one another. There were the animals and plant beings, energetic spirits, the ancestors, the characters in dreams and legends, the parents and family, music, inner dialogues, building stuff, moving around like crazy, and making sounds and wild faces for no particular reason at all. The world was rich in surprises and delights. There wasn’t anything that could not fit in.

By staying in Defensive Learning and banishing Expansive Learning, especially if you are older than eighteen years, your Box’s habits begin crystallizing. Then you start rigidly defending stories you made up long ago about yourself, other people, or life-itself. Possibly you know someone like this already? Upgrading to archearchal thoughtware may meet with unconscious fears and internal resistance of a crystallizing Box. You may already have less space in which to experiment with the new thoughtware in your already-a-million-times validated worldview.

A wonderful help is to focus on recovering your natural talent for expansive learning. When thoughtware from archearchy does not match with anything you believe you know in your single, massive, modern-culture knowledge-continent, simply establish new knowledge-continents you can jump over to. Give yourself permission to hop from one island to the next without reason or justification. Remember, you’ve had decades to construct and defend your current survival story-world. That does not make it true. It only makes it familiar and well-guarded. Give yourself some years to expand into and explore new thoughtware territories which might at first seem foreign, uncomfortable, or even a bit weird.

Each of your five bodies – physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal – has a Center. Your physical Center is located halfway between your hip bones and halfway back into your abdomen. It is about the size of a plum and does not change position.

Your intellectual Center is in your head.
Your emotional Center is in your heart.
Your archetypal Center is in your Archetypal Lineage.
And your energetic Center is mobile.

Modern culture teaches you to keep your energetic Center in one particular place in your body. Where is that? Yes, your mind.

When you use your intellect’s Attention and your energetic ‘eyes’ to Scan for your energetic Center (which may be in the past, in the future, in your worries, or given away to ‘authority figures’ so you can be adaptive). Once you find your energetic Center, use your energetic body’s Intention to relocate your energetic Center to your physical Center. You may feel a five-body shifting sensation as your energetic Center klunks ‘home’ at your physical Center. This is called being Centered. Then click your fingers (an energetic Declaring Tool called your ‘Clicker’) to make your ‘Grounding Cord’ from your Center to the middle of the Earth, followed by another click that energetically establishes your personal Bubble Of Space.

It turns out that being Centered with a Grounding Cord and a Bubble is ‘first position’ of a Possibilitator – and turns out to be an archetypal triggering code that catalyzes your own Authority and initializes culturally-hidden but designed-in adulthood potentials. Think of Indiana Jones accidentally pushing a lever that slides open the stone door to an unmarked treasure chamber. The treasure chamber is inside of you. Being Centered causes an internal chain-reaction uncorking your personal adulthood authority, and empowering you to make choices that are not offered on the standard-cultural menu.

No one can become Centered for you. But more interestingly, no one can stop you from Centering yourself. Suddenly you jack-in to an entire Universe of astonishing yet very human Inner Resources and Outer Resources, Tools and capabilities that modern culture knows nothing about. The experiential clarity you receive from being Centered, Grounded, and holding a Bubble of Space for yourself ignites unquenchable inspiration.

Modern culture provides medical doctors, nurses, hospitals, surgeries, and drugs for healing your physical body. You can get physical therapy, do physical exercises, and follow a diet to stay healthy in your physical body.

Modern culture provides teachers, educators, philosophers, psychologists, and psychotherapists for healing your intellectual body. These days psychologists tend to prescribe psychopharmaceuticals to deal with psychological and mental illnesses which they have no other way to deal with.

Certain schools such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Curanderos, or Druidic Runes provide energy-workers who can stimulate and balance chakras, remove blocks, shift energy flow through meridians, revitalize chi energy, read your aura, and harmonize your energetic body with your life.

But who heals and trains the emotional body?

And how can you activate and inhabit your archetypal body?

Imagine having a broken arm or a seriously bleeding cut and getting psychological treatment, emotional treatment, energetic treatment, and archetypal treatment, but forgetting to set the bone or make stitches? That would seem ridiculous, right? Well, the same is true the other way around. You may treat the physical, intellectual, and energetic conditions of a condition, but if the emotional or archetypal components are not healed, the dis-ease can remain unhealed and even become life-threatening.

Modern culture has nothing to offer you in terms of activating or healing your archetypal body except perhaps a doctoral degree in Greek Mythology.

Modern culture tends to hand your emotional wounds and illnesses over to the psychologists or the medical doctors, who are completely untrained to Complete Incomplete Emotions, for example, or to use emotions as a Doorway to an Emotional Healing Process. Asking a psychologist to transform an emotional wound is comparable to asking a politician to change the oil in a car. Most medical doctors and psychologists have never been initiated into the Upper, Middle, and Underworlds of their own emotional body, so how could they help anybody else navigate theirs?

You can now understand why a new branch of healing training is being applauded: the Feelings Practitioner. If it seems like emotional healing is your calling, then please do not hesitate to get yourself trained up. The world needs you now more than ever. You may already be a Certified Healing Practitioner, but without acquiring these advanced emotional healing distinctions, tools, and processes which were developed and refined for over four decades, and without honing your own Inner-Navigation skills, your emotional-body healing services may not be as effective as your clients might wish.

Genes are the smallest instruction for the design of your physical body. Memes are the smallest instruction for the design of your intellectual body… your mind. Families are determined by genetics. Communities are determined by memetics, that is, by the set of memes that are shared among participants.

The soil out of which a community grows is its ‘meme cloud’. The DNA of a community’s memes are the distinctions in its Context. Helping people upgrade their thoughtware to the level of being able to take Radical Responsibility for sourcing the context of a culture that thrives in the meme-cloud they would love to live in is one of the currencies of regenerative cultures. By learning to upgrade human thoughtware – facilitating memetic evolution – you will be serving many people.

Modern culture is not falling apart so much as we are taking it apart… to get out of it… like a butterfly destroys its chrysalis to get into the world… like a child escapes his or her parent’s home to get initiations and create the relationships and projects of an adult life. It would be foolish not to realize that outside the chrysalis, completely different thoughtware is needed than inside the chrysalis. Imagine the difference between swimming in a backyard pool and sailing the wild free oceans.

The meme of being a ‘single-fighter’ is deeply implanted in us from modern culture, probably because we cannot get out of civilization alone. The upgraded memes for utilizing feedback and coaching from your Team are priceless if you want to journey beyond the modern culture meme-cloud.

More and more people are discovering the learning-adventure joys of creating and living together in a nanonation that is Centered around a self-designed meme-cloud, including authentic adulthood initiatory processes.

Such living experiments have multiple forms, from an alternative-culture music festival, to a virtual village within a high-rise apartment-building, to a resilient off-grid settlement. The inspiring thing to recognize is that each experiment establishes a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent autonomous zone, literally a new country in the global ethnosphere, one of the hundred million nanonations of the United Nanonations (UNN).

The meme that a ‘country’ must be associated with a particular piece of land on Earth is merely a concept. As with any meme, it may be easy to understand, but not necessarily have any connection to reality – especially as you realize the fallacy in thinking it is possible for a human being to own any part of the Earth.

Albert Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” What he forgot to explain is how to change your thinking.

Thoughtware is built out of memes. Upgraded thoughtware is available, but your thoughtware will not be upgraded at school, because modern culture school is contexted in modern culture thoughtware, which for some reason avoids explaining the possibility of shifting context to create new thoughtware. Such an explanation can only be given at the edge of the culture, where you first get a view of the entire culture from a neutral perspective.

Your birth culture is just a Gameworld, one of many Gameworlds operating simultaneously in the global human ethnosphere on Earth. Perhaps you still remember the moment you got to the edge of modern culture’s worldview. (You would probably not be reading this unless you already found that edge…)

Your first thought at the edge might be, “Oh! It has an edge!” Suddenly the Gameworld of modern culture becomes visible as a whole. The capitalistic patriarchal empire spreads out behind you with so many people claiming it is ‘true’, believing that it is the ‘best thing human beings ever invented’. Whatever they believe, there is now evidence to suggest this is not the case. As Ishmael author Daniel Quinn observes, “Something better than civilization is waiting for us.”

Your second thought at the edge might be, “Ah! Something completely different from this is possible right now!”

Then a third thought comes, “Holy Criminy! I feel scared!” And if you use modern culture’s Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware about fear, you think fear is one of those ‘negative feelings’, a ‘bad feeling’, something to be avoided at all costs or people will lock you away and give you drugs. The fear makes your whole system contract, bouncing reflexively back into the marshmallow zone at the Center of your Box. Every Edgeworker knows that they may encounter thoughtware-upgrade Doorways ten times a day. Unconscious fears would automatically bounce them back into their thought-prisons of their Box each time. Instead, they make their fears Conscious and say, “Welcome fear! What do you have for me?” And then they let the intelligence and energy of their Conscious Fear inform them with its gifts of clarity. They complete the communication from their fears, and use this resource as rocket fuel for intelligently inventing and inhabiting the next new part of archearchy.

Upgrading to a New Thoughtmap of Feelings changes everything because it provides the clarity for reconnecting to exactly the inner and outer resources needed for becoming adult. On the New Thoughtmap of Feelings, fear is no longer ‘negative’ or ‘bad’. Instead fear is powerful neutral energy and incredibly precise information about what to take care of, what to watch out for, how to stay alert and attentive, how to take care of yourself around people who are untrustworthy so that you can actually trust yourself to take care of yourself around people like them, how to pay attention and navigate the void of the unknown and still function to create what is wanted and needed by your village now while standing on nothing because it was never invented before. Does this sound useful? You get there through initiation.

Responsibility is applied consciousness. Consciousness is like light. It flows everywhere but you don’t see it until it hits and is reflected by an object. Just like light, the quality of consciousness reflected depends on the structure of the object the consciousness strikes.

The structure in your energetic body that captures and reflects consciousness is called matrix. The quality and quantity of matrix you have built determines what you can consciously be aware of. Certain Processes build matrix at its maximum sustainable rate. These procedures are called ‘initiations’, and certain initiations are best delivered in certain forms of trainings.

Initiations build matrix for you to catch and hold new consciousness so you Notice and take responsibility for things you never thought could be taken responsibility for. Sooner or later, you will have the clarity to open your Pearl, distill your Bright and Shadow Principles, and prepare yourself to jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage so you can come to childhood’s end and do what you came here to do in your adulthood.

How can someone love you if the you they want to love is still hermetically sealed deep within a Survival Strategy, not yet being who you are, not doing what you came here to do?

The difference between initiation and education is that education provides informational content to think about and initiation shifts the distinctions in the context that you use to think with.

The difference between traditional indigenous initiations and archearchal initiations is in what is done with your assemblage points, a term borrowed from Carlos Castaneda’s studies with Don Juan Matus’ (as reported in the book Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda, front matter page xvi).

During initiatory processes a person’s assemblage points are relocated. In indigenous cultures the sorcerer-shamans move an initiate’s assemblage points away from the context of their mother, and weld them into the context of their culture’s traditions. In this way each man or woman of the tribe knows for certain what they should wear, do, say, and eat, what is mandatory and what is forbidden at each stage of their life. They absorb the taboos and the legends as maps of reality, and as a result they duplicate the village culture, continuing to do things the ways they have always been done. Following the one-true-right-way assures the continued survival of this particular tribe and its definition of what is a real human being. (All the others who are not in your tribe are ‘the edible ones’.)

This indigenous initiation strategy works marvelously when environmental circumstances are stable, and when the culture is creating a bright future for its people. In western cultures of the early 21st Century, neither of these cases is true. You live in rapidly changing circumstances in a culture hijacked by psychopaths who, not-surprisingly, are failing to create a bright future for humanity. Humanity exceeded Earth’s carrying capacity in 1975, passed the methane clathrates tipping point in 2003, started sliding down the far side of Earth’s oil reservoir peak in 2005, and irrevocably destabilized Greenland and Antarctica’s glaciers in 2013. Within your lifetime you will probably see a 7-meter sea rise, global storms, massive desertification, and rapidly expanding ocean dead zones (for details, please study: http://arctic-news.blogspot.chhttp://planetextinction.com, etc.) If that is not bad enough, uncontrolled use of depleted uranium weapons by America, Israel, and NATO are contaminating the Earth for tens of thousands of years with cancer-causing radioactivity.

Given these conditions, traditional initiations are not useful anymore. An entirely new form of adulthood initiatory process is called for. This is why it is welcoming news that an entirely new form of adulthood initiatory process is provided by archearchy’s context of Radical Responsibility.

Archearchal initiations are archearchal rather than ancestral in nature. That is, archearchal initiatory processes come from the needs of the future rather than the patterns of the past. In archearchal initiations, Trainers and Certified Feelings Practitioners hold and navigate ultra-safe spaces in which participants are skilled-up to be competent in moving their own assemblage point away from the context of their mother and weld it into their own physical Center. This turns an initiate into a Radically Responsible source person, able to create appropriate new culture as it is needed.

It used to be thought that assuring a bright future for human life on Earth requires shifting to a culture which can sustain itself without diminishing future generations’ capacity for sustaining themselves. Now Earth is so degraded that sustainability is no longer sufficient. Next cultures need to be regenerative, that is, they need to heal, purify, and regenerate ecosystems until they are complex and stable enough to self-regulate Earth’s climate so Earth stays life-friendly.

Like it or not, aware of it or not, humanity has entered an epochal culture shift towards archearchy. Archearchy is the culture that comes after matriarchy and patriarchy where archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborate with archetypally initiated adult men.

Obviously archearchy uses different thoughtware than patriarchy. New thoughtware uses new distinctions and new vocabulary. It may at first seem unfamiliar and awkward, such as: games are won through creative collaboration during Winning Happening – which is a Bright Principle that can be directly experienced; time is time; money is a fantasy Gameworld often used for Gremlin feeding; it is foolhardy to imagine that a person or organization can own land or resources because the Earth owns human beings; we are the part of the forest that stood up and can protect the forest as Kaitiaki; responsibility is consciousness in action; Adulthood does not happen automatically – adults are made by other adults delivering formidable adulthood initiatory processes; humans organize in circles, toroids and spirals that are navigated by space holders; leadership is a shadow principle because it only exists with followers; there is always more room at the Center for taking responsibility; security is an illusion; no one can represent another; no one can speak for another; you cannot give away your voice, or your authority, or your responsibility; no one can take away your Center; there is a difference between feelings and emotions (hint: if anger, sadness, fear, or joy lasts longer than 3 minutes it is an emotion not a feeling); depression, shame, guilt, jealousy, despair etc. are mixed emotions that can be unmixed; the four feelings are neutral energy and information which can be stellated into rocket-fuel for delivering your Archetypal Lineage; whatever part of your underworld you don’t own owns you, metaconversations create the possibility of Possibility, etc.

Question: Who decides which context you use each moment? How can you relocate your Point Of Origin into the context you choose?

Upgrading to new thoughtware involves both inner and outer changes. Even one new distinction can throw you into a five-body Liquid State during which time your self-image, self-experience, worldview, and relationships in the world rapidly re-arrange themselves. In the process you gain access to new options and powerful new inner and outer resources. It does not take long to realize that myths and legends of old are not so much fairytales as they are thoughtmaps for adult and archetypal initiatory processes.

It can help you to effectively proceed if some of your first initiations are about how to intelligently navigate your Liquid States. Otherwise, the Liquid State of your thoughtware reordering itself may lead you to conclude that something is wrong, convincing you to seek modern culture advice which can be crazy-making because the advice comes from a different and quite crippled context.

Yes, you could have learned many of these things during school years, but modern culture schooling serves a purpose very different from empowering you to become yourself as a free-and-natural adult human being, serving your Archetypal Lineage for the benefit of the Earth. Until you create and live in an initiation-centered regenerative culture you will have to go find authentic initiatory experiences for yourself, just beyond the edges of modern culture.

The global ethnosphere is the combined human-culture milieu currently swirling around the Earth. It is Gaia’s field laboratory for evolving consciousness. Initiated adult human beings can ‘cavitate’ new cultural space in the global ethnosphere.

Cavitation is what bubbles do on the inside of a glass of carbonated water. At first you see only clear water. At an irregularity in the glass (a ‘cavitation point’) a tiny bubble of carbon dioxide gas emerges from the liquid. The bubble would keep getting bigger and bigger except that gravity is pulling down on the water, which squeezes the less-dense bubble of C02 upwards like trying to grab a wet bar of soap.

You have the capacity to cavitate a bubble of new cultural space in the global ethnosphere. There is no law that says the culture you initialize needs to conform to the context, distinctions, or rules-of-engagement of any current or previously existing culture. The ability to cavitate and contextualizing new culture space in the global ethnosphere is a set of skills called ‘gameworld building’, and are a natural side-effect of engaging authentic adulthood initiatory processes.

The most common – and often, seemingly, the only obvious – approach to starting a nanonation is to gather the people who say they are enthusiastic about your project and simply begin.

The result is that the permaculture guys, the wicca circle, the meditators, the straw-bale people, the energy workers, the fundamental Christians, the yoga practitioners, and the improvisational theater people will all gather, each bringing their own unique context and set of practices which they hold dearest to their heart. Some of them will love M. Scott Peck’s Community Building while others love Nonviolent Communication and still others want Torus Technology. Some will demand to use six-step consensus decision making while others will want Resistance Decision Making. Some will fight for Holocracy and others will fight for Sociocracy 3.0. Some will want vegetarianism and others will want veganism. Some will swear by homeschooling and others will only stand for unschooling. Some prefer to use the Frying Pan, M.E.S.S. Process, and Dynamic Facilitation with ongoing Wisdom Counsel and Adulthood Initiations while others will want only anarchy. Still others will want to maintain secret control behind the scenes.

The result of including multiple contexts is that whenever the group comes together in a meeting you will experience context war, with each group hoping their own context prevails. The most common complaint in a mixed-context project is a feeling of a lack of community. Often the project ends up generating enough Low Drama conflicts to serve as a ‘Gremlin Feeding Ground’ as its primary function.

Another approach for starting a community project is for a minimum (and perhaps maximum) of three people to become an energetic configuration of commitment to one clear context. They decide that the context comes first. As meetings happen the work is to explore together in a way that that deepens each person’s skills for establishing themselves in – and navigating the space of – that particular context.

Gradually as the context gets more embodied and grounded the project becomes a ‘Magnetic Center’ that attracts those particular individuals who love that particular context.

Soon enough the context itself gives birth to projects for people to work on together. As a side-effect, a strong experience of community arises automatically while people work together in projects that emerge from the same context. Each person’s initiatory processes prepare them for the High Drama of jacking-in to and serving their Archetypal Lineage for the benefit of the village and the world.

Which way are you starting your project?

Projects which have already been started in the ordinary mixed-context recipe can go through a culture-shift process if accompanied by skilled external navigators who are willing to be ‘the bad guys, breaking taboos and bringing the secret background conversations into the foreground, for example with Weapons On The Table, or Poop On The Table processes.

Community context-shift is painful because it is probable that some current members will leave the project. However, the increased clarity of project context will allow other people to join who have perhaps been waiting for years in the periphery for exactly this clarity to emerge so they could more wholeheartedly commit.

Projects already engaging the shift to radically-responsible archearchy include Zegg (, Tamera (, Schloss Glarisegg (, Puls der Erde (, Sieben Linden (, Tui Community (, Niederkaufungen (, and some parts of Tempelhof (

The Possibility Management Trainer Guild delivers authentic adulthood initiatory processes and community culture-shift using the distinctions, tools, processes, and thoughtmaps of Possibility Management. Possibility Management has been steadily developing through private experimentation in small circles of individuals in Europe and the Americas since 1975.

Possibility Management does not come from psychology, philosophy, or religion. It is not a cult. Possibility Management is the open code, copyleft thoughtware emerging from the context of Radical Responsibility. Thousands of individuals and organizations around the world make daily use of Possibility Management to serve humanity, create abundant clarity and possibility, and bring more love into the world.

Since 1998 Possibility Management has been delivered in Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs with immediate practical applications in everyday life.

Books and other media about Possibility Management are published by Next Culture Press in Germany and Hohm Press in North America. Many of the original writings about Possibility Management came from Clinton Callahan, but more and more writers are taking Radical Responsibility to explain how it goes.

You can receive a free monthly SPARK (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge) with matrix-building experiments by subscribing online at:

Many voice recordings are online at Next Culture Radio, and many videos (including 100 demonstration videos of Possibility Coaching) are online at Possibility Management TV.

Additional information is at the Possibility Managers website, and at the Museum Of Possibility Management.

If you have read this far… there is some chance that your true calling is to serve as an initiator. Even though you will not find ‘initiator’ classified on modern culture’s tax forms, we estimate that one million new initiators, trainers, coaches, cultural edgeworkers and next-culture-bridge-builders are needed before the middle of the 21st Century. Your hidden talents are valued now more than ever before.

Stepping into your craft as a Possibilitator, Initiator, or Trainer may be hindered by an unconscious fear of being burned at the stake… again. Most of us are the descendants of those people who could pretend to be ‘normal’ during the 700 years of Christian Inquisitions. In Possibility Labs ( such fears are directly faced, and through very personal Emotional Healing Processes ( are transformed into Doorways to a new future. Let your fears carry you through. (

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