How to Create a Trend Report


We are assembling periodic “Trend Reports” for each of the 11 Theme areas:
1 Unity
2 Interdependence
3 Environment
4 Economic Justice
5 Health
6 Children and Youth
7 Women
8 Human Rights
9 Freedom
10 Disarmament
11 Peace
Thank you for considering working on this with us!

Trend Report Suggested Format

Each Trend Report you submit will appear as an article with your name in our new eZine We, The World – Trends in Global Grassroots Organizing. They may also be used in Newsletters, Webpages, Email Blasts, Facebook and other social media. The Editors will decide whether to include, edit, or not include your submission(s).

Trend Reports feature organizations (large and small, international and local) as well as their leaders and the actions they take to address humanity’s challenges within one of the 11 Themes For Change (see

Elements of Your Trend Report:

The Theme your Trend Report is focused on (Unity, Interdependence, Environment, Economic Justice, Health, Children and Youth, Women, Human Rights, Freedom, Disarmament, or Peace)

A Title that reflects the focus of your Trend Report

Your Name and Organization Affiliation

The Challenge

    • Optional: An Image (Public Domain) that symbolizes your chosen Theme
    • A brief quote from a leader in this area of concern
    • Optional: A Commentary from you about this subject

Change Agents Addressing The Challenge

    • Logo of Featured Organization, their Name and Link
    • The Organization‘s Mission and/or an Overview (1-2 paragraphs) describing the challenge humanity faces (under this Theme) quoted from the website of the Featured Organization
    • An inspiring or informative quote from a Leader of the Featured Organization
    • Optional: Add another Organization (their Logo, Mission and Quote) to be featured in your Trend Report

Upcoming Actions or Events

    • List any titles, dates and links of significant actions, rallies, campaigns or other events coming up under this Theme – by the Featured Organization(s) or by other leaders in this field.

(Optional) After submitting your Trend Report

  • If possible, please post the upcoming actions, rallies, campaigns or other events that you listed on our Calendar at
  • Work with Angel, Robert and/or Rick to contact the groups you featured in your Trend let them know we are promoting their important work to our extensive global network, and propose collaboration with We, The World offering them free promotional and other resources.

Submit Trend Reports Here

Thank you so much!
Rick, Angel and Robert

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