Impossible People Doing Impossible Things

Last week, 1,700 people gathered outside of Washington, DC to do the impossible: to imagine another world – one where politics is grounded in love. The gathering, called Sister Giant, was filled with insight, inspiration, revelations and information that suggest how we can do that.

I’ll be writing a series of articles over the next few weeks to talk about some of the practical actions that we can take to make a difference in our world. I know this has been a trying time for so many people and bringing more love into politics might seem impossible at first glance. But we are impossible people and when we remember that rivers of possibility appear as if by magic before our eyes. I invite you to look into the mirror below and remember who you are.

Almost everything about us is utterly impossible.

We are impossible beings

Living on an impossible planet

Engaged in an impossible experiment

From the language we speak to the air we breathe, we paint in the medium of impossibility.

There is such tremendous power in that.

So much that some want to pretend that we should be practical. Realistic. Pick the lesser of the evils.

But for impossible beings

Living on an impossible planet

Engaged in an impossible experiment

Doing impossible things is the only choice.

IMPOSSIBLE PEOPLE We are only one of the many, many species that inhabit the Earth. For most of our history, we were smaller, slower and weaker than most of our neighbors who would have been happy to eat us. We have survived the ravages of disease, the oppression of all kinds of governments and the perils of our dark nights of the soul. And yet, against all odds, we are still here.

LIVING ON AN IMPOSSIBLE PLANET On a tiny planet that’s mostly water. On a planet that, like Goldilocks, is not too close to the sun or to far away to make life sustainable. On a planet whose mysteries we are only scratching the surface of and yet we call it home.

ENGAGED IN AN IMPOSSIBLE EXPERIMENT To be guided by our higher angels, to listen to the call of love, to open our hearts and our minds and evolve ourselves back to the light that we came from. And what’s more impossible than for one human being to love another human being – in the midst of our unpredictable moods, our rages and our despairs, our passions and delights. What’s more impossible than to look at the one we call other and realize that we are one.

DOING IMPOSSIBLE THINGS With each breath – one after the other, one step after the other, one day after another. We reach out and love the Other. We dive deep and love ourselves. We find within us the path to be kind, to be compassionate, to connect, to rage, to weep. We do the impossible.

We can not settle.

We can not accept the lesser of evils. Or any evils. Even in the midst of despair.

Despair is simply forgetting that you are an impossible being living on an impossible planet engaged in an impossible experiment.

Even in the midst of anger and confusion.

Anger and confusion simply are reminders to shine brighter, to be the light that can more clearly see the Other as part of you.

The age of the practical, the realistic, the expedient has ended. The age of the impossible is upon us. Now is your time to dream, to do impossible things and to see yourself as the impossible being that you are!

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