Hi Marty @ 11 Dana from 10 Dana With LOVE ! Words acknowledging your work with UnGun Institute….. your work in our times!

Dr Marty K. Casey is a gift for our times! Her personal journey through trauma and its healing process is teamed with a gifted voice to deliver the message and teaching of The UnGun Institute.

It is today’s Clarion Call for our individual human responsibility to heal wounds that, if unattended or left “Un Gunned“, will prevent a healthy regenerative future for all Life on Planet Earth.

On the 2nd annual Black Son Day, August 8, 2021, honoring those whose families have lost loved ones to perpetrated violence, I witnessed Dr Marty reach deep into fearful and hurting hearts with a pointed trajectory to build trust, while asking just the right questions in an embrace of safety, family members began to speak honestly of their pain and memories. Before our eyes we could both see and feel the transformative power of LOVE !

UnGun Institute is grounded in personal healing which in turn and over time ripples into our collective Human potential. We all have the need to UnGun something on the broad spectrum of Trauma.

I ask myself as I look towards the future, what will Humankind look like when our relationships are not triggered by past and even currant traumas?

What is the deepest healing we are capable of opening in ourselves?

What is Evolution on Planet Earth asking of us Humans right now?

Can we Humans move beyond violence of all kinds by living into what Dr Marty is so skillfully delivering through UnGun Institute?

How can we help her proliferate this training to all peoples, all cultures, all countries world wide?

Does our currant Technology enable this NOW?

I think “Unity Earth” community is on this pulse. Generative LOVE fields and structures are already in place for skillful use of tools and networks! And Dr. Marty, you already know what you need to support this MOVEMENT and I see you lovingly asking for it!


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