WE, The World and Education

As the second issue TRENDS goes to press, it continues the emphasis on education that is integral to WE, the World.

If you look at WE, the World’s 11 Global Unity Themes – 11 Ways To Transform Your World (Unity, Interdependence, Environment, Economic Justice, Health, Children and Youth, Women, Human Rights, Freedom, Disarmament, and Peace), it’s all about education across all these crucial arenas of global challenge and change.

As the 11 Days of Global Unity stresses in it’s “Values and Guiding Principles”—“WE, The World seeks to help usher in a new era of planetary consciousness and conscience, in which people individually and through their institutions make life-affirming choices understanding their impact on the world’s social, economic and environmental systems – which in turn affect all life on Earth.”

Recently, with the collaboration of the Education Synergy Circle of The Evolutionary Leaders, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation, WE.net’s Rick Ulfik curated the volume Universal Principles and Action Steps edited and published by Kurt Johnson and Shannon Marie Winters at Light on Light Publications.

The volume is an unprecedented collection of statements, declarations and initiatives gathered from organizations, networks and NGOs around the world. They represent some of humanity’s most profound examples of collective wisdom for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

In his welcome to the volume, Rick said:

“The goal of living in a world that works for all underlies the Universal Principles and Action Steps presented in this publication. That goal has also been at the heart of my work as Founder of WE, The World (WE.net) and Co- Creator of 11 Days of Global Unity. In fact, the 11 Global Unity Themes we developed, and their associated Action Steps, are actually designed to be a comprehensive blueprint to achieve a world that works for all.”


“We hope this publication will be a useful standard reference, especially if you are engaged in the crucial work of creating peace, justice, sustainability and transformation in our world. And, perhaps it will also offer a dose of optimism that we can all use as we chart a path forward, through and beyond the global pandemic with all of its ramifications and lessons.”

Universal Principles and Action Steps joins the first two books from the Light on Light Press recently founded by Rick’s fellow Evolutionary Leaders (ELs) Kurt Johnson and Robert Atkinson. They are co-editors (with Deborah Moldow) of the ELs’ book Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future.

The book was awarded a Gold Nautilus Award in May 2021.Light on Light’s first two books are True Light, with a Foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, focuses on the spiritual practices of new holistic and transformative religious and activists movements emerging in Japan and also around the world.

Light on Light’s second book is Global Unitive Healing: Integral Skills for Personal and Collective Healing (summer 2021) with a Foreword by Integral philosopher Ken Wilber, an Afterword by Claudia Welss, the Chair of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Commentary by famed Peace activist James O’Dea. Rick’s endorsement of this book, in its front section says:

“Dr. Mustakova takes us on a journey of transformational discovery: from the Imperial Self to Ego-Transcendence, from Spiritual Awakening to Planetary Cultural Shift, and ultimately to find our unique role in creating a global community that moves from ME to WE Consciousness and makes possible the collective healing that could be 21st century humanity’s greatest legacy. Global Unitive Healing provides our essential guide for this journey of the Heart, Mind and Spirit.”

WE, The World and Light on Light Publications and Press a project of the Interspiritual Dialogue Network (ISD), look forward to a flourishing partnership in education toward global transformative change. ISD is one of the oldest partners of the 11 Days of Unity with this partnership for events and programs going back more than a decade in the wider United Nations Community.

Grassroots magazines like TRENDS, Light on Light, The Convergence, Conscious Business and so many others generated by cooperative work are a great example of the kind of “We work” that is changing the world.

The Universal Principles and Action Steps publication has already generated a lot of resonance. The Evolutionary Leaders (ELs) who published it were invited onto an on-line program by transformative youth in the United Kingdom— Magneticor– a group who have formulated their own Universal Principles. On May 13 ELs Drs. Kurt Johnson and Robert Atkinson, and Rev. Deborah Moldow joined Emma Robens, Nechama Dena Zwiebel, [I Am] Jinny and members of Magneticor to find out about their “Noachide principles” of “The Radiant You”. It’s a fascinating story and you can catch the broadcast discussion at the various inks below.

First, here are the Principles:

The Radiant You

  1. Radiate compassion for all living beings, beginning with self-compassion, and including compassion for animals, and non-human beings
  2. Radiate positivity and optimism and blessings in your speech, and especially blessing of Divinity and G-d
  3. Radiate your self respect and respect others’ boundaries
  4. Radiate justice, honesty and financial integrity
  5. Radiate your divinity and reflect others’ divinity back to them
  6. Radiate your trust in G-d and be trustworthy
  7. Radiate modesty and morality through a healthy family life

Evaluate, Activate, Radiate

Magneticor is a project of the Divine Consciousness Think Tank with quite a following- – especially on social media. The three young women founders were guided to unite and create, as they say: “something bigger than we could possibly imagine”. They are currently developing the work, as further linked below.

The core work of ‘Radiant You Principles’ stems from “the Noachide Principles” which combine advanced Judaic concepts with modern trainings in different modalities to create revolutionary tools for a higher world consciousness. Thus, the birth of this youth think tank and its projected activities. They state “Together, we are being shown the deep connection between the “I”, the “We”, and ‘It’– Mother Earth and the profound interconnection of All.”

Magneticor.life and its activities was created to be a thriving community platform for clients to practice and have long term support in this transformative work.

You can find out more at:


Nechama Dena Zwiebel, a pioneer of the Noachide Principles, is a practicing certified Psychological Kinesiologist and Retroactive Healer

Emma Mary Robens is co-founder of Mageticor.life and a practicing Magnetic Mind Method practitioner for their rapid recode process.

[I Am] Jinny has a thriving career in commercial banking and is a co-founder of Magneticor and I Am Books. She has been an avid practitioner of multiple nondual modalities, studying with many teachers.

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