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Your country used to have a dream


You people who came here

Came here dreaming


You dreamed that you would not be judged

By the occupation of your fathers

By the clothes you wear or the homes you live in

By the country or culture from which your ancestors hail from


But that you would be judged based on the content of your character

That you would be free to write your own stories

Be your own judges of character

Be your own masters


You then created a country where unfortunately that dream was fulfilled


Because the definitions changed


Being free to write your own stories

Really meant unwriting the stories of others

Stealing the plot points you like and leaving the rest


Being your own judges of character

Really meant being the deciders of what was good character

Simply equating that to however you already were


Being your own masters

Really meant being the masters of what you thought you were entitled to

Slaving away at invalidating other human life


You came to this land with a beautiful dream And you ruined it


And we who have been watching


We don’t know how to fix it anymore


You came here with a beautiful dream

A dream that was parallel with the cultural practice of the people who were already here

You didn’t see that

And you ruined it.


We will fix your mistakes

We will forgive you because it is what we do

But we will not forget your transgressions

Your disrespect to this land and the people here


We will not forget how you tore people from their homes In the dead of night

And told them that without you

They’d be worse off


We will not forget how the better life you promised them

Actually meant a life of sickness

Of dysentery, smallpox, alcoholism, homicide


We will not forget.

We will never forget.

But unlike you, we know that every human life is valuable.

So we will help you.


We see that you are not inherently evil

But taught to be

Not organically malicious

But taught to be


We will teach you

How to love

How to truly not judge a person

How to truly be your own master and nothing more


We will teach you Like you should have let us do in the first place

And you will see what life is like

When that dream that brought you here

Really comes true

Brianna Rain Skildum LeGarde, a young professional living in Colorado, was raised in Minnesota, in the Ojibwe tradition. In adulthood she finds passion and fulfillment when working to better the world around herself. She hopes to see a brighter, more unified world in the near future, and believes it’s absolutely doable within her lifetime. Brianna is a co-creator of the EarthFlash! Games Show.

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