Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education

Irthlingz mission is to engage, inspire and empower people to become active stewards of the Earth. We want to have fun in this pursuit, so we want to create materials, programs and events that are fun for others! To that Continue reading Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education

A Letter to the World

Dear World, It has been said that a society is only as well as the wellness of their children…looking at where we are as a people, we are in a real crisis.Our children and grandchildren are hurting and we as Continue reading A Letter to the World

How to Create a Trend Report

We are assembling periodic “Trend Reports” for each of the 11 Theme areas: 1 Unity 2 Interdependence 3 Environment 4 Economic Justice 5 Health 6 Children and Youth 7 Women 8 Human Rights 9 Freedom 10 Disarmament 11 PeaceThank you for Continue reading How to Create a Trend Report

Unity.Earth: The Road to 2020

By Kurt Johnson, Internationally known Interspiritual Leader & Visionary, Scientist, Comparative Religionist & Social Activist. Author of The Coming Interspiritual Age. “We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other. Continue reading Unity.Earth: The Road to 2020

Creating a World That Works for Everyone

By Andrew Kaen Founder of Planet Heart, project of We, the World, Executive Producer Annual World Peace Earth Day Celebration THE CHALLENGE We are living in challenging times, yes, but we are also living in fascinating times, unlike any Continue reading Creating a World That Works for Everyone