A Letter to the World

Dear World, It has been said that a society is only as well as the wellness of their children…looking at where we are as a people, we are in a real crisis.Our children and grandchildren are hurting and we as Continue reading A Letter to the World

How to Create a Trend Report

We are assembling periodic “Trend Reports” for each of the 11 Theme areas: 1 Unity 2 Interdependence 3 Environment 4 Economic Justice 5 Health 6 Children and Youth 7 Women 8 Human Rights 9 Freedom 10 Disarmament 11 PeaceThank you for Continue reading How to Create a Trend Report

International Children’s Month

By Heidi Little Co-founder, Director, Platform Designer for International Children’s Month -International Children Love To Create & Play 2017-Game On !!, Music, One Clothing Unify producer, Outreach Coordinator for We, The World,  Co-founder of A United Earth THE CHALLENGE To Continue reading International Children’s Month

An Urgent Message From Your Children

As people around the world react to the actions of the US Administration and Congress, new voices are emerging that may have an unexpected influence in high places… AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM YOUR CHILDREN Are you alarmed about the kind Continue reading An Urgent Message From Your Children